Meet the Tankers

Tim Waud has been involved with the Oregon City Swim Team as a coach and athlete since 1977. His coaching career began as a student athlete at the University of Oregon.

About the Tankers

Established in 2011, the Oregon City Tankers (OCT) are the first masters swimming team in decades to organize at the Oregon City Pool.


Ready to join? In order to swim with the Oregon City Tankers, you must be a member of US Masters Swimming. Joining is easy, detailed instructions are included below.

Swimfo April 20th

We are all greatful for the great weather and the opportunity to spend some time outside during this crisis.


Oregon City Tankers
swim. swam. swum.
Looking for a challenging early morning coached workout? Join the Oregon City Tankers Masters Swimming team. Our goal is to provide opportunities for members to develop their full swimming potential within a supportive team environment that promotes fitness, fellowship and fun. We welcome swimmers of all abilities. Whatever your reason for wanting to swim – personal fitness, competition or triathlons – it doesn't matter. But we are a team with SPIRIT and have won awards for just that! So, bring your enthusiasm, your passion and your sense of humor and we'll see you bright and early!