Ready to join? In order to swim with the Oregon City Tankers, you must be a member of US Masters Swimming. Joining is easy, detailed instructions are included below. Once that is complete and you have your USMS member number, fill out the information for becoming an Oregon City Tanker and bring everything to the pool and start swimming!

Step 1: Become a US Masters Swimming Member

The following steps assume that you have never been a US Masters Swimming Member before. If you are renewing you’ll need to follow the link on the left and have your USMS number ready.

  • Follow this link to and enter your zip code
  • Click “Register Online Now” and you will be taken to to complete your registration
  • Select your prior membership (yes / no / not sure) and click continue
  • Check that you are 18 years old or older as of today.
  • Select Yes, I know the club’s official abbreviaton, fill in OREG and click continue
  • On the next page confirm the following:
    Club Name is **Oregon Masters (OREG)
    **Location is Hood River, OR 97031
    If all is correct, click the Oregon Masters (OREG) link to continue
  • On the next page fill out all required personal information fields. In the Workout Groups dropdown, select Oregon City Tankers (OCT)
  • The registration will search for names matching yours to see if you were previously or are currently a masters swimmer. Check through the list to make sure you haven’t previously joined. If you are sure you are not listed, click the checkbox that says I am not one of the above people then click submit
  • The next page requires you to agree to the Waiver of Liability, check the box indicating I agree to the Waiver of Liability then click continue
  • You should now be at the Fees page, your total fee should be $50 consisting of $33 for USMS, $12 for LMSC (Local Masters Swimming Comittee) and $5 for the OREG club fee. You can add additional donations or click proceed to next step
  • The merchandise page allows you to order USMS apparel and accessories. If you do not want anything, click proceed to checkout.
  • Fill out your billing information, click submit, and within a few minutes you should receive an email with instructions on how to download your USMS Membership card. Your card will look similar to the sample card on the right.

Step 2: Become an Oregon City Tanker

  • Forms and instructions will be posted soon

Step 3: Swim. Be Fit. Have Fun!